Monday, May 25, 2009

On Secret Admirers

I have a new follower...

His alias is Will Truman Esq...a smart choice for a variety of reasons
1) It plays with one of the first mainstream shows about the "Gays" - Will and Grace - which I will not critique at the moment for its desexualization of the gay male nor its lack of racial, ethnic, and class diversity NOT to mention its lack of the lesbian figure.
2) Will is a lawyer so he is relatively smart, nice looking, and therefore I would be rather smitten to have a similar individual admiring me for such an individual could push me to think in different ways and therefore perhaps write in different ways.

On this last note, unfortunately this Will Truman does not live up to that assumption for "he" only critiques my writing style from an anonymous position. I know not what he looks like, not what he does, nor his interests beyond my dad and showing me that I am not that smart. He does not ask me or show me different ways to think...only belittles a complex writing style and "big words" perhaps showing his own inadequacies as a reader. Perhaps, "Just Jack" would have been a better alias since his image fits moreso with the image he provides or has provided thus far...a funny, pedantic man who only provides humor (which is admirable itself for I appreciate the laugh this provided me)

But, that is perhaps a bit harsh for it is impressive that this admirer has gone to great lengths to be able to comment on my blog...creating a blog for himself where his interests as previously noted center around me - my "dad (not mom because I'm (Will) is gay" and "showing Adam that he is not as smart as he thinks he is". He has in these great lengths provided me a good laugh, but also created a sense of lack as I want more...I want an adversary who can provide more than the simple childhood complaint of "big words".

As I contemplate this development, I realize that perhaps this individual in fact admires me and in good elementary school fashion, has decided to "metaphorically kick" me so not to reveal his admiration. He has lambasted my writing style, said I am too complicated in my writing structure all in an attempt to show that I am not as smart as I think I am...He has done this under an alias perhaps to create a mystery as if such a mystery goes without being "de-mystified" I will be shown to not be as smart as I think I am for I cannot figure out who this admirer is.


He has done this to be able to "talk" to be on my "level" and engage in the random shit I decide to write on. He has taken so much time in creating a "blog" account centered on me to show me that he exists and wants to be a part of my life, if only in the cyber world. He has constructed me as one that has a overinflated ego, one that thinks I am "too smart" perhaps in order to stroke my ego even further...he has, in his admiration, decided to stroke my ego, inflate it further, by saying he needs to deflate it.

I appreciate the ego stroke and your mystery Will Truman. Its unfortunate that your attempt to deflate my ego has just boosted it further. But that's the downfall of trying to take someone down anonymously and putting so much time into it...


J. Ford said...

Maybe its someone who has far too much time on his/her hands and needs to pick up a hobby. Just a hypothesis.

WillTrumanEsq said...

Mr. Mantastic,
It is I disappointed by you. But that's okay, just b/c I am disappointed does not mean I no longer like you.

The main source of my disappointment, is that my elementary but relevant cognitive science based argument for why your writing style sucks was never precisely rebutted.

If you can provide a response dissecting why your writing style is more efficient from a working memory and mental models standpoint and will lead to greater learning efficacy and depth than the style I suggested, I will be impressed.

However, in order to do that you would actually have to be at least mildly versed in the cognitive sciences and educational psychology...tsk tsk Mr. Greteman....David Wong would be so disappointed, Rand Spiro even more so.....

Anyway, don't be too offended, just yanking your chain a little. You do hate technology though. Probably b/c you don't have an appreciation for cogntive science and how technology will enhance learning efficiency, too bad.

Since you're much more comfortable with wishy washy, non-quantitative (hence your hatred for statistics and deficiency in arguing an opponents' points directly, concisely and effectively), "let me tell you about my feelings" pop psychology kinds of topics here is suggestion I have for your blog for you to discuss :

Is sexual orientation just what a person is attracted to ? Or, does it shape our personalities from a biological standpoint, considering that fMRI scans show that the gay male and hetero male brains are different.

My stance is that being gay affects the psychological underpinings of a person, and is much deeper than mere attraction. This from the standpoint of neuron and neural networks altered because a man is gay and is a biological argument, not merely a philosophical one.

What do you think Adam ?

Also, don't drink so much Coke, had an article today that it can cause muscle problems and the caffeine will dehydrate you.

I am glad my comments made you laugh.

Also, is fine to peg me as your secret admirer, if enhances your bottomless ego, but in all honestly I have plenty of men better for me out there than you.

You are hot enough, as I'm assure you remind yourself frequently, but I don't know if you're smart enough to take on someone such as myself, who's clearer out of your league, intellectually anyway...

Ouch ! :)

WillTrumanEsq said...

Fine, spelling errors in my post, mock me Adam, but the content of what I said still stands.

My spelling errors are a testament to my quite busy schedule accomplishing quite important tasks.

Anonymous said...

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